Tony Arneson

Youth Program Director

I was following behind my father with a BB gun through the Grouse woods of Wisconsin when I was just 8 or 9 years old. I started to actively shoot and hunt with a .22 rifle and 12 gauge shotgun when I was 12 years old. The legal hunting age in Wisconsin at that time was 12.

My passion is Upland Bird Hunting.  I have been training and using my own hunting dogs since 1999.

When my children reached the age of 12, I attended Hunter Safety with them and apprenticed as a Safety Instructor.  Shortly after my second child completed his course I then made the decision to become a Hunter Safety Instructor in 2004.   Since that time I have personally worked with close to 1,000 youth between the ages of 10 to 17 on Hunter Safety, Gun Safety, Shooting instruction, Sporting Clay shooting, hunting instruction, dog handling, archery etc.

Currently, I am the Treasure Valley Pheasants Forever (“TVPF”) Youth Programs Director and am directly responsible for the development and execution of our Annual two Day Youth Pheasant Hunt.  I am also responsible for developing ongoing educational programs for our youth covering habitat, wildlife conservation and gun/hunter safety.  TVPF, as a branch of the national Pheasants Forever organization, is dedicated to the conservation of pheasants, quail and other wildlife through habitat improvements, public awareness, education and land management policies and programs.  We are part of the only National habitat organization that allows individual chapters to control their own funds.  What we raise here, stays here.

Youth Hunts

September 6, 2018



Our 6th Annual Youth Hunt!

Yes, our Sixth!  Wow how time flies.  Treasure Valley Pheasants Forever and Weiser River Ranches are really looking forward to hosting the kids for this great outdoor adventure. We will have a literal “Blast”!  
Not signed up yet?  email:
RE: Oct. 6th & 7th Youth Pheasant Hunt at the Weiser River Ranch (Facilitated and Sponsored by Treasure Valley Pheasants Forever and the WRR)
Good Day Pheasant Hunting Enthusiasts!
This may seem a bit early to be thinking about the upcoming Youth Pheasant Hunt, but due to the incredible response and getting the word out, we have had over 100 kids showing interest!!! That is great news!!! With that though we run into the unenviable task of figuring out who can attend these 2 days and find some other opportunities for kids with other Conservation Groups who can conduct a youth hunt. I.E. other Pheasant Forever Chapters, Quail Forever, Idaho Fish & Game etc.
If you are unaware the cost for each Hunter for this Hunt is 100% picked up by TVPF. The only thing you need is a Hunter Safety Certificate and an Idaho Hunting License. TVPF will provide a Hunting Vest, Hat, ear plugs, glasses, .20 Gauge youth Over and Under shotguns, ammo, food, drinks etc. We also will have Pointing dogs and Dog handlers along with a Pheasant Forever Hunting Mentor for each Youth. Folks can trail behind with Cameras to capture this incredible day. We do safety and practice on the Clay Pigeon Range too! (This is an AWESOME Event!!!) Oh yeah, there is an insane amount of Pheasants, I forgot to mention that.
This is a 2,100 Acre Private Ranch and will only have our group on it for the youth huntweekend.  If you are interested in participating we will need some information for each child. Based on the information provided and number of responses we can than get the invites out and secure those 24 spots and figure out some options for the reaming kids.
So if you have kids who are interested please provide us with the following information for each child:
  • Child’s Full Name:
  • Child’s Age the day of the Hunt 6th or 7th:
  • Parent/Guardian’s Name:
  • Best Email address:
  • Best Phone Number contact:  (We prefer a cell number as it is great when we need a quick answer or there is a schedule change we need to get out quick via text)
  • Will they be Hunter Safety Certified by the day of the Hunt?  **Note** Must be Hunter Certified and have an Idaho Hunting License day of the Hunt. No Exceptions.
  • Have they participated in this Youth TVPF/WRR hunt before?:
  • If So when?:
  • Would this be their first time Pheasant Hunting?:
  • Would this be their first time Hunting anything? (Birds or Big Game?)
  • Eligible ages are 10 to 15 and must Hunter Safety Certified.  Eligible ages are 10 to 15 and must Hunter Safety Certified. Eligible ages are 10 to 15 and . . . 
For now that is the information we need. The sooner you can get back to me the better we will be able to accommodate everyone. I look forward to hearing from you. More to come.
See ya in the Field
Tony Lee Arneson
TVPF Youth Programs Director
920-460-6162 Cell