Have we had some fun the last few years!

  Let’s start out with our Annual Pig Roast!  

Pig Roast??  Yup – you know when summertime hits – and we’re all busy with yard work – or maybe training the dog – Sometimes it’s just good to have an event that’s just a community event.  Reaching out  to our members and the public to answer questions or just chat about that over/under that you just bought.  Well – we’ve done that now for a couple of years…and it’s turned into quite the affair – Next year – in June – be on the lookout for your invitation to the TVPF Annual Pig Roast!

Oh yeah – the cost… ZERO –  TVPF believes in giving back to the community – so come on out, enjoy some roast pig and chicken with sides – listen to some great music – and swap lies about that Rooster that you may or may not have hit on opening day…  Watch for YOUR invite (sent to everyone that has a membership with TVPF) for the 2019 roast!