Treasure Valley Pheasants Forever Chapter 0143

How Can I Help

"You guys do some great work - I want to get involved"

There are two ways to get involved… One is the Local version – the other is the National way.  We’d prefer that you do both of course!  National Memberships are $35 a year and you can buy them here.   That $35 goes to a lot more than the magazine that you get.  

If you join us local…and if you’ve been to a banquet chances are your  membership is already paid.

Being active local means that you are supporting what this chapter does. 

  • Youth Hunts
  • Habitat Improvements
  • Education
  • Have Fun
  • Comraderie

Remember that what we raise here stays here and fuels the above activities.

Need more info about joining local?  Getting involved??  Email us:

Ways to Get Involved Locally

  • Attend our Annual Banquets
  • Donate Goods or Services
    • Gift Cards or Items
    • Overnight in a Cabin or Condo
  • Volunteer to help
    • Banquet
      • Table Captain
      • Silent Auction Captain
      • Spotter for Live Auction
      • Bucket Raffle
      • Misc Games of Chance
  • Youth Shoot
  • High Adventure Shoot
  • Tune and Shoot
  • Committee Events
  • Attend One of our Landowner Work Days
  • New Land Owner Involvement
  • Got an Idea?